Walt Disney World Vacation Deals


Here ye here ye.. read all about it.  Walt Disney World Vacations just came out with 2 great money saving deals for your Disney travel fix.   Save money on your 2015 Holiday vacation or an early 2016 vacation.  Either way, it’s a great time for Disney vacations no matter when you go!   Contact me today […]

Punta Cana Fall Deals to Fall For!


Have you ever wanted to head to Punta Cana for a relaxing vacation?  Well now is the time to get your vacation booked and take advantage of some great pricing for 2016.   Maybe you can use your 2016 tax refund and live a little. Or, just start putting money away now and you will have […]

Book Your Adults Only Vacation Now


After a summer of kids screaming, outdoor yard work, extra activities we all do that only can be done in the summer, like mowing, raking, house repairs, etc., don’t you think it’s time for an adults only vacation?  Why of course it is, and you so deserve it! Get away from it all and vacation […]

Disney Vacation Deals You Don’t Want To Miss!


Get your Disney on! Disney is one of my favorite vacation places.  Yes, I am a big kid, I admit it.   But, I had never been to Disney as a kid so I have a lot of making up to do!  LOL! Do you love Disney?  Have you ever been?  Maybe you want to take […]

Why You Should Vacation Solo


What?   Yes, you read right.   Don’t you think it’s time for a solo vacation ?  I am sure you are saying.. why, where, and how?  Well I will tell ya why you should vacation solo. A solo vacation can be so empowering and make you feel confident.  No matter where you go, how far from […]

Reduce Travel Anxiety with Essential Oils


Even though most of us take travel to relax and get away from it all, travel can be anxiety inducing for some of us, taking all the pleasure out of the beginning and end of a journey. Anxious travelers can experience everything from nervousness, fear, discomfort or even fall sick during and after the travel […]

Worry Free Weddings at Marriott


      Late Summer/ Early Fall is a beautiful time for a wedding.  Well any time of the year is great really!  Are you or someone you know planning a wedding.   Marriott specializes in worry free weddings.  Need help planning an unforgettable wedding?  Let me help ~ contact me. Planning a wedding seems like […]

Valleyfair Fun for a Girls Getaway


I am just a kid at heart, and I love fun.   One of my favorite things is roller coasters.   Ever since I was little I have loved coasters!!  I have visited a few amusement parks, like Disney, Busch Gardens, Sea World,  Universal, Islands of Adventure, local fairs, etc., but one of the best ones I […]

Rock Fest 2015


Every year the one vacation I look forward to the most is Rock Fest, held in Cadott,WI.  This was our 11th year in a row going, and we renewed our tickets for 2016 to make it our 12th year.  We camp/party with 3 other couples and have a blast no matter the weather or the […]

Earning and Saving Money for Your Travel


Earning money so one can travel, and saving money on travel.. these are two of my favorite things!  I love finding ways to earn money on a daily basis, doing things I do daily anyhow.  That is money I always put in a separate account or let it build up online where I have earned […]