Enger Park in Duluth Minnesota


If you ever venture to Duluth, Mn. one of the great sites you must check out is Enger Park Restoration or as we say – Enger Tower.  I have lived in the area for 44 years, and just a few weeks ago visited for my very first time.. ever!  Sad, I know.  Seems the local tourist stuff is always the last thing we do.  I love being a tourist, in other places, but not locally.  I really need to change that.

This tower is very unique, and the park is beautiful.  If you don’t mind climbing a few stairs to get to the different levels, you will for sure love the view when you get there.  Here is me taking in some sun and sight from one level.


The view from the windows in the tower is amazing.  You can see for miles and miles around Duluth.   Look at these views.   Bridges, Lake Superior, St Louis Bay, Superior, and Park Point.  Just breathtaking!

engertower3 engertower4 engertower5

Because I had never been there, I didn’t know what to expect.  I had only heard others talk of it. Boy the place was packed!!  Lots of people come to take pictures by the tower.  Even watched someone having grad pics taken, and seen a lady taking pictures of dresses on a mannequin as we were leaving.

So, if you ever get to Duluth, Mn., put the Enger Tower on your list of must see things.




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