Earning and Saving Money for Your Travel


Earning money so one can travel, and saving money on travel.. these are two of my favorite things!  I love finding ways to earn money on a daily basis, doing things I do daily anyhow.  That is money I always put in a separate account or let it build up online where I have earned […]

Saving on Travel


Everyone loves a deal, especially when it comes to travel, but not every package and travel sale is a deal when you break it down. More and more flash sale sites are offering travel packages as a way to book more rooms, fill more cruise ships and get bodies into tourist attractions. Like any other […]

The Right Way to Pack a Carry On


The Right Way to Pack a Carry On The way you pack your carry on can change how smoothly your flight and trip turn out, especially if you end up at your destination without the rest of your luggage for a day or two. There is also a right way and a wrong way to […]

5 Ways To Plan A Frugal Vacation

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5 Ways To Plan A Frugal Vacation Vacations are essential for relaxation time, quality time with your friends and family, and just getting some time to unplug! However, with more people trying to be frugal, and the prices of everything rising every day, it can be difficult to plan a frugal vacation and still enjoy […]

Practical Travel Tips

Practical #TravelTips Traveling isn’t for the faint of heart. You may come across some weird situations when you’re traveling and it’s important you’re prepared for these situations. These tips will help you learn some new travel tricks while you’re out in the world enjoying yourself. These tips are practical but also a little unique, so […]

Prepare for Your Trip

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Prepare for your Trip So, the time has come for you to pack your bags and head out on vacation. But, what do you pack? What should you expect? What should you do before leaving home? So many things to get in order before your trip, that your head could just be spinning. I hope […]