The Best Adventure Activities To Do In China


Image by Sunset Noir via Flickr While most people don’t think of adventure, tourism and China in the same sentence, China actually does offer several adventure activities. Depending on the region, you’ll find everything from tobogganing down the Great Wall of China to taking a bamboo raft up the Li River to cycling on the […]

Enger Park in Duluth Minnesota


If you ever venture to Duluth, Mn. one of the great sites you must check out is Enger Park Restoration or as we say – Enger Tower.  I have lived in the area for 44 years, and just a few weeks ago visited for my very first time.. ever!  Sad, I know.  Seems the local […]

Valleyfair Fun for a Girls Getaway


I am just a kid at heart, and I love fun.   One of my favorite things is roller coasters.   Ever since I was little I have loved coasters!!  I have visited a few amusement parks, like Disney, Busch Gardens, Sea World,  Universal, Islands of Adventure, local fairs, etc., but one of the best ones I […]

A Trip to the Mall of America #MOA


© Yanmingzhang | – Mall Of America Main Entrance Photo What does one do in Minnesota when the weather is still to chilly to be outside having fun?   Well, you head to the Twin Cities and go spend a couple days at the MOA (Mall of America).   My son got laid off from work […]

Busch Gardens Tampa


I have a huge weakness for theme parks and have been to a few others in Florida, but never to Busch Garden’s, till just recently in December 2014.  I reached out to them since I was traveling to Florida and asked for a couple passes, and they obliged with 2 for my husband and I […]

Duluth Minnesota Aerial Lift Bridge


Duluth Minnesota Aerial Lift Bridge Duluth, Minnesota is a vacation destination for many.   Being that I grew up close by I just never got the whole.. “what’s so special with Duluth” thing.  But, now as an adult I see what the attraction is to so many.   Duluth, being right on the tip of one of […]