The Best Adventure Activities To Do In China

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While most people don’t think of adventure, tourism and China in the same sentence, China actually does offer several adventure activities. Depending on the region, you’ll find everything from tobogganing down the Great Wall of China to taking a bamboo raft up the Li River to cycling on the Xian Wall.

Where to Go – Which Parts of China Scream Adventure

  • Beijing– You know Beijing houses the Great Wall of China, but did you know that after you walk up, you can exit it by riding down on a toboggan? That’s something different that’s thrilling that even children will appreciate.
  • Xi’an– Xi’an features plenty to keep you busy for a few days, including the infamous Terracotta Warriors. These life-like soldiers are fascinating and should be a must-see for everyone. However, Xi’an also features one of China’s only ancient walls that are still left, and you can ride a rented bike around it and see fabulous views of the city.
  • Yunnan-Yunnan appeals particularly to outdoor lovers and adventure buffs. It features so many options. In the capital city of Kumming, you’ll find the Stone Forest, which covers over 2,670 kilometres.  You’ll find so many different rock formations and caves, and it’s almost like a giant playground to explore.  After that, spend the day in Lijiang, where you can mountain bike for miles along cobbled streets, taking in the sights.  Take time to explore Jade Snow Dragon Mountain, which stands 5,596 metres and can be made even more spectacular by taking a cable car up there to see the snow-kissed peaks.
  • Tibet-Tibet is all about hiking and the beauty of nature, where you can see untamed forests, icy glaciers, and wildlife such as antelopes and black bears. One of the most challenging hikes, “Roof of the World,” begins in Lhasa and takes you over 1,000 steps to Potala Palace. However, Tibet is most well-known for Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain in the world, and you have the opportunity to hike up the mountain and stay at the base camp.

Other Thrilling Things To Do In China

If you love thrill-seeking and the outdoors, consider adding some of these ideas to your itinerary. The China Travel Company provides private and tailored China tours and can add any type of adventure you’d like.

  • Parkour-In Shanghai, many adventurers are experimenting by learning new moves and trying a handstand on the side of a tower or even do a back flip off of one.  These moves combine acrobatics, martial arts, and climbing and are purely for thrill seekers.
  • Kite boarding– Along the sandy beaches in Xiaman, kite boarding has become popular with crazy winds and the perfect winds. Most can master this sport, which combines sailing, wakeboarding, and surfing, in a matter of hours.
  • Hiking– There are numerous places in China to hike and explore. Some favourites include Yangshuo, where you can explore mud caves and hot springs after a long day, or a multi-day hike at Tiger Leaping Gorge.

You’ll never get tired of fascinating and thrilling things to see and do in China. Find your inner thrill seeker and book your trip.



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