4 Ways to Make Your Cruise Cheaper

4 Ways to Make Your Cruise Cheaper


Cruising is a great way to see the world, with several countries and cities all packed into the same trip for an affordable price. While it’s true that a cruise is a great way to see several cities for a single price, there can be ways to make an expensive trip cheaper. Regular cruisers are always sharing their tried and true cost cutting tricks with their favorite cruise lines. Sometimes, just a small change or one thing that you are willing to give up can make a huge difference in the price that you pay.


When it comes to cruises, you are paying a lot more for the cabin that you are booking than the destinations. Use these cabin savvy tips to make your cruise cheaper no matter where in the world you want to see.


Skip the View

There are so many great areas of the ship to get a great view of the ocean, the shoreline, and the sky at night and all of those views are free. The only view that costs you, and costs a lot, is a view right in your room. Frankly, when you book a cruise, very little time is actually spent in your room, so you don’t even get the chance to get your money’s worth out of the view that a porthole or balcony would offer.


Pack Snacks and Drinks

Lately several cruise ships have become slightly stricter when it comes to the drinks that are brought on board, but they still allow for a lot. Once you reach your boarding destination, go to a local store and stock up on snacks and drinks that would cost you per item on board. A cruise ship is limited by what it takes on, and the same goes for you, so make sure you take the maximum amount allowed per person. When you are headed home you will have that extra bag to use for souvenirs.


Book Off Season

Every cruise ship, cruise line, and cruise destination has an off season. It might not be the off season for that destination, but rather for the common traveler. Fall and spring are great times of year to book cruise ships to most destinations because rooms are being booked for much lower prices to try and fill as many rooms up as possible. No matter what the cruise ship has to leave port, so they will try to go as low as they can just to break even with the rooms that are sold.


Look Into Return Cruises

One of the little known secrets of cruising are return cruises. Cruise lines will sell one way cruises at high prices, but then need to return the ship to its initial destination. The return cruises are not as popular because they are loading in the final destination versus the more popular ports. These cruises are often listed on off cruise sites at deep discounts and stop at almost all the same ports or similar ones. The same cruise route will be listed at an initial price of up to half off the retail rate and you can enjoy all the same perks, amenities and entertainment.


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